Nurse Consults

It is important to stay on top of your pet’s health. It is important to stay aware of how crucial it is to avoid problems before they arise. This is why it is advised that pet owners bring their four-legged family members in for regular exams, even if you believe everything is fine.

In veterinary hospitals, vet nurse consultations play a significant role because they not only assist patients and customers but also give nurses a chance to use their expertise to instruct clients.

If a client feels less rushed to leave, they may speak more candidly with these caregivers as opposed to with their veterinarian. As a result, new issues and concerns are frequently discovered, allowing them to address issues or send them to the veterinarian as needed.

Expert vet nurses can help you if you need assistance with your pet but don’t necessarily require a visit to a vet doctor. Nurse consults can give consulting veterinarians greater help and take some of the load off of them so they can focus on their more complicated cases.


The procedures that vet nurses can perform include the following:

  • Dental checks
  • Nail/claw trims
  • Medication prescriptions for tick and flea prevention
  • Anal gland checks
  • Bandage changes and additional care
  • Injections for arthritis
  • Deworming medication
  • Weighing of your pet
  • Weight loss or weight gain information
  • Microchipping
  • Nutritional information and diet plans
  • Check-ups after operations such as spays and castrations
  • Stitch removal
  • Ear cleaning
  • Caring information for a new pet
  • Behavioural information
  • Responding to any questions or concerns

Advantages of veterinary practices having nurse consults:

  • Customer awareness and learning increases
  • Promotes owner adherence
  • Enables nurses to form personal bonds with their customers
  • Increases the trust that clients have in the nurses
  • Enables consulting veterinarians to see additional animals on a daily basis
  • Enables vet nurses to use their skills and knowledge that they have been trained on
  • Motivates customers to have their pets go to the vet for regular consults

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